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NCVO logoNational Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and Volunteering England merged on 1 January 2013.

This website is being maintained on an interim basis.

On this website you can still find the Volunteering Good Practice Bank on here.

The NCVO website has a section for volunteers which includes where to find volunteering opportunities and reasons why people should volunteer.

NCVO Membership

Volunteering England’s 1,800 members became NCVO members, while existing NCVO members gained access to Volunteering England resources.

Find out more about membership on the NCVO website.

Practical Support

Find out more about practical support offered across NCVO including publications, how to guides, training and recent projects.

Policy & Research

Find out about NCVO research on volunteering and what it tells us.


Keep up to date with the latest blog posts from NCVO staff on volunteering.

Contact NCVO volunteering staff

You can contact NCVO staff with experise in volunteering on the NCVO who's who pages.


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