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Crank-It-Up ImageCrank-it-up is a charity that promotes and encourages cycling and sport by people with disabilities, elderly people, and anyone else who wishes to gain the health and social benefits of active exercise by cycling. With the support of the UCAN Student Volunteering Project at the University  of Bradford and the Bradford Volunteer Centre the charity has created a  number of new volunteering roles. It is also increasing its Internet presence and volunteers are helping with Ebay type online promotion and sales. The charity has a new shop at Bradford University Student Central which teaches cycling proficiency and maintenance to students, loans and repairs bicycles and sells them at low cost to students. Young offenders, the homeless and young people with challenging behaviour also benefit. 

“The service works mainly with young people, teaching them how to properly  maintain their bikes, and showing them how to recycle bikes,” says Chris Evans.

“People are referred through various youth services and also come through  word-of-mouth. For a small fee, people can also go along and fix their bikes,  with help and advice at hand. Some cyclists may not have access to a garage or shed and have to repair their bikes on the kitchen table. They may also not have the right tools – we can provide those.”

Volunteers are crucial to the development of the service. “We would like to sincerely thank all our volunteers for their support, without who we would not have achieved so much. Their support, ideas, commitment and enthusiasm are commendable and there is no doubt that without them we would not have  come so far so quickly. We are very, very fortunate in having a true team who really do work well together and share a common goal to provide cycling for all.”


This case study has been sourced from an original by Volunteer Centre Bradford

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