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Kelly Jones

Kelly ImageUniversity/ College: Southampton Solent University
What are you studying? Events Management.

Over part of last summer I volunteered within a local Save the Children shop for a month over summer to help organise an event for the local community. This was before I headed to London for the remainder of the summer to gain work experience at Save the Children’s head office. Here I worked on the fundraising team and helped to project manage a cycling event with British Cycling. 

As I have become rather loyal to Save The Children, I am now starting a society at myuniversity for anyone who wants to support the cause, fundraise, take partand organise events as well as just making people more aware of what is going on in the bigger picture.

It’s hard to pin point a certain action or time which motivated me to want tovolunteer, as it was something that has always been in my mind, it was just a matter of time and place I guess. I’ve always been aware of how lucky many of us are and I could never understand as a child how others were less fortunate for whatever reason. I guess this constant questioning is what pushed me to act on it.

Volunteering has opened my mind! When you volunteer, not only the cause benefits but you yourself are ignited with an overwhelming feeling of warmth. The people you get to meet are what make volunteering what it is. I have been fortunate enough to meet people who not only inspired me but filled me with an incredible buzz to go and grab hold of whatever I wanted from life. In everyday situations I feel volunteering has taught me to communicate better, as well as given me the confidence and initiative to lead a situation.

I do believe volunteering has made me more employable due what it tells employers about you. The more volunteering you do the more your knowledge broadens; whether it’s a skill, or a way of working with people.

I believe I have made a difference to other people’s lives. From volunteering with people and the physical help you are partaking in, to the leadership skills which was trusted in me which has given me the boost the bring people together to get fundraising etc. I feel it’s important to understand people; as this makes them aware that you care about their opinion.

What I would say has been challenging, is the balancing of time. Like anything in life it is easy to get carried away by something but it is important to keep to your plans. It is important to maintain a balance between study, volunteering and other commitments. Whatever types of volunteering you are considering taking part in all I can say is step out of your comfort zone and start looking into it. The benefits go on and on.

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