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Ianthe Malpas

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Economics and International Business 

I volunteered at a jobs fair in the university, and hosted the StARs reception held at London Met’s City Campus. Prior to volunteering, I never had any interest because I didn’t think it was important to me. However, now I never hesitate to tell my friends and fellow students how important volunteering is, and it is something everyone should do once in a while. I have joined London Met’s Reach Volunteering site recently. Whilst searching for volunteer jobs I read through the motives of some organisations and felt very moved. I now understand that because some organisations are non-profit they really need all the help they can get and it benefits both the volunteer and the organisation.

I have made friends with my fellow volunteers at the job fair, we had a couple of chats and I got to learn about their countries and themselves as well. I feel fulfilled through having done the jobs fair event; it was my first and definitely not my last volunteering experience. I now know more about working around employers, and ushering guests into settling in and feeling comfortable. My experience has also increased my employability by giving me confidence to work outside university and interact with people on a more professional level. I still hope to volunteer in other sectors such as hospitality and fundraising to get an insight to how these industries work. After that I am certain that I will be ready to take on bigger roles.

Volunteering at the job fair was not challenging for me, I had all the skills I needed for that job, and it helped me improve them. I recently hosted the StARs reception, and I found that very helpful because I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking. I am happy that London Met has given me the opportunity to make myself a better person for my university, society and family, and I am going to make the best of it.

The thing I would tell other potential volunteers is to go for it! It will help you in a lot of ways, you’ll learn skills and it’ll widen your knowledge of different fields. Plus you really have nothing to lose, and it’s always nice to be of help.

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