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Jack Muskett

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University/ College: University of Salford
What are you studying? Wildlife & Practical Conservation

I have done some Environmental work assisting a Ranger team, Wildlife Identification and working with a local school and environmental artist to increase awareness of wildlife. I started volunteering to gain relevant work experience.I still have the same motive, but also now volunteer to meet new people, and help out the local community in raising awareness of the importance of wildlife (or other areas, if it is not environmental volunteering).



Being a volunteer has given me knowledge of the work that Rangers do, new friendships with staff and other students, and sense of achievement through working with local school children and an environmental artist. I also believe volunteering shows an eagerness to learn and develop new skills, which makes you more attractive to employers.

I feel I have helped out the local community in helping protect and improve their local rural areas. I also feel I have helped out the Salford Ranger team to some degree, by assisting with projects such as board-walk building, for example.

The experience that most clearly sticks out was helping to build a platform on the edge of a pond at Kersall Dale in Salford, with the Ranger team and other volunteers.

To other volunteers I would say do it! It opens your eyes to a whole new world, and also gives you a huge sense of pride at the end of the day. Not forgetting the chance to meet some great, like-minded people

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