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Kamilla Nyegaard-Larsen

Kamilla ImageUniversity/ College: City University London
What are you studying? BA Journalism, single honours

As a student I have volunteered in a variety of roles within student media, as a students’ union councillor, a programme representative for my course and as a welcome representative for new students during Welcome Week 2011. I volunteer both to improve my CV and skills, and to help others. I have learnt a lot about myself, and about how other people around me are feeling and difficulties they might have. It also made me realise how lucky I am to have been born into a strong and supportive family that has always encouraged me to be my best no matter what.


I am definitely more employable! Being the editor and producer of City’s student radio gives me an upper hand in the very tight job market that is journalism. It means I’ll have experience with broadcasting, which is what I want to work with. Having this experience will be worth gold when I start applying for jobs as employers look at the ones with relevant experience first.

I feel I have helped the students’ union build a stronger image, and I have helped the union media team to be stronger and bigger than ever at City. I also feel I help the other volunteers for the radio. We have a few first years on our team, and they have learned a lot in only a few weeks. I’d like to think that is because of my leadership, as no one had any previous radio experience.

My volunteering has had its challenges, particularly on my time. My course is incredibly hectic, and producing a radio show once a week has proven to be more work than I thought it would. But I enjoy being busy and I love the radio, so I battle through!

I have had lots of memorable moments through volunteering. When we recorded our sixth podcast of the year everyone did a great job, the first years were all finally comfortable to make mistakes and not worry about it, and the session just went very smoothly. And we had so much fun! 

If you’re thinking about volunteering – do it! It is worth it in so many ways that you don’t yet know. You’ll learn so much, both about yourself, what you’re volunteering as and about others. It will improve your CV and make employers more interested in you. Go for it!


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