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Employer supported volunteering (ESV) provides employees with the opportunity to volunteer with support from their employer. This may be in the form of time off for individual volunteering, or in a programme developed by the employer, such as a team challenge event or ongoing arrangement with a community partner.

ESV provides real benefits to the employer, the volunteers and community organisations they support. By helping tackle local issues, employers can benefit both themselves and the communities in which they operate.

This hub has been designed to provide practical support to those interested in ESV, regardless of stage of development or sector. Whether you are just thinking about ESV or have a long established volunteering programme, you can find practical support here.

You can also access our online guidance for employers and volunteer involving organisations.

EYV2011smallThe ESV Resource Hub has been created by Volunteering England as part of the ESV work strand for the European Year of volunteering 2011 and has been made possible by funding from the Office for Civil Society

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