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Employer supported volunteering (ESV)

Increasingly, responsible business makes good business sense. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to buy from organisations that demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, employees are more motivated, engaged and learn new skills that they bring back to the workplace.

ESV provides employees with the opportunity to volunteer with support from their employer. This may be in the form of time off for individual volunteering, or in a programme developed by the employer, such as a team challenge event or ongoing arrangement with a community partner.

ESV provides real benefits to the employer, the volunteers and community organisations they support. By helping tackle local issues, employers can benefit both themselves and the communities in which they operate.

And it’s not a new idea. Approximately 70% of FTSE 100 companies already have an employer supported volunteering programme. Although in smaller organisations, the percentage is currently much lower; 20% of employees of medium and 14% of employees of small businesses have an employer supported volunteering scheme.

In many cases employees volunteer in their own time outside of work and ESV is a small part of the time they volunteer. However, for many employees their ESV programme enables them to get involved when they wouldn’t otherwise have been able and to.

The majority of employees (58 per cent) say they would be very or fairly likely to volunteer if their employer offered them help to do so. Volunteering is the Business DirectGov 2011, commissioned by v

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