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The profession of volunteer management has a broad scope, spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors. It can encompass a range of activities, such as recruiting, coordinating, leading, supporting, administering and organising volunteers, as well as the strategic oversight and management of volunteer programmes.

People who manage volunteers form a diverse group. This includes not only those with ‘volunteer manager’ in their job title, but also volunteer coordinators, volunteer organisers, volunteer leaders, voluntary service managers working in the NHS and/or other health services, student volunteering practitioners and other similar roles. Also included are the many people who have no reference to volunteers or volunteering in their job title and yet regularly manage volunteers alongside other activities.

In addition, people who manage volunteers may be paid or unpaid. Volunteers who are responsible for managing other volunteers, for example leaders at local community networks or faith groups, may not have a formal job title or role description, and yet can still come under the category of ‘people who manage volunteers’.

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